Thursday, August 13, 2009

My New TV Delivery

In the mood for shopping lately, I unconsciously bought myself a 42' LCD TV for my living room, complete with the new entertainment rack to compliment the new TV.. unconsciously? NOTTTT.. heheh! It's time to change the new TV as the old one is quite boring to have already.. so what's gonna be next on my shopping list? A nice sofa, and a home theatre system of course... and that's gonna be on my next 2 months budget... each month each.. yahoooo...!


FARHAH said...

Each month each?? Wow, I thought only girls are carzy purchasing things.. Not anymore,..

Hey man, you are crazy dude!!
Thumbs up untuk itu!!!

Semoga mata kamu akan lebih cepat rabun compare to me.. Woohooo!

NIKO75 said...

hahahah.. why rabun? I've been aiming to complete my house for quite a while already.. it's high time for me to get those.. still on budget of course.. hehe

FARHAH said...

Emm.. rabun sebab... Tu tv besar..
Oh well I guess not.. I've 37" at home, sll je tgk tv balik cuti, tapi tak rabun pun..

So I wish you all the best NIKO75 (excuse me as I don't know your name)..

Happy breakfasting.. (^^,)