Monday, August 24, 2009

The 3 Stooges

It's been quite while since I last seen these 3 stooges.. and I those 3 stooges finally tagged along during the break fast@ Chicken Rice Shop with my brother's family.. I'm not gonna talk about the food, but just to attach some snapshots of the 2 stooges with some weird not recognized cartoon characters in MidValley..Those kiddos are quite a poser.. kan? They were so happy with the outing I can see from their smiles and laughter.. I'm surely gonna get them a nice Raya clothes soon..


FARHAH said...

Ya, baju raya yg cantik2..
Baju Melayu teluk belanga mesti comel, dgn sampin songket, and songkok hitam.. Uuhhh.. handsome:)

Outfit yg sedondon antara tiga adik beradik tu mesti best!

Selamat Hari Raya si kecil. Kamu beruntung punyai bapa saudara yg baik hati..

NIKO75 said...

something casual would be nice for them kan?

FARHAH said...

Oh.. You're looking for something casual??


lemme think...

hey adik, turn around jap..
ke kanan sikit.. kiri sikit...
emm.. ok... angkat tangan... oh ok.. done!

A'ah la.. belikan something yg casual lebih tepat, boleh la diorang lari, lompat, menjerit, etc.. Lebih sesuai..

Good luck!