Monday, August 3, 2009

The Flora Fest 2009

As we were cruising the lake, there's an event happening by the lakeside, and after checked it out, it was the Flora Fest 2009 held near the new square Mosque area.. since we were already in Putrajaya, why not check out what's happening there.. on the way, let's check out a few interesting scenery of Putrajaya first.. Finally found a parking spot near the FloraFest after 20 minutes jam, it's quite a huge setup with a few companies set-up their own booth creatively with the nature and floral theme.. quite interesting.. but one thing I don't understand is why there are so many orchids around?
I might as well name it Orchid Fest rather than FloraFest.. hehehe..Interestingly, they have this hot air balloon which totally changed the landscape of the place.. so cool! We took a break while watching the hot air balloon being setup.. and later moved back before dusk.. quite a productive day to spend in total.. heheh!

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