Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bazar Ramadhan @ Chabang Tiga K.Terengganu

The first day of Ramadhan falls on the weekend, thus is a perfect time to break the fast with family.. I went back to Ganu for berbuka with my parents, and visited the Bazar Ramadhan @ Cabang 3 to get some kuih for berbuka.. this year's bazar isn't that happening as last year.. may be because of the financial crisis, and more people opt to cook rather than dine out.. got myself a must have, Nasi Dagang and couple of kuih called Pulut Lepa.. Wel, it doesn't matter what we have for berbuka.. some may have a simple dish, and some may break the fast with the whole world of food piling up the table.. What matters is the family gathering to celebrate the Ramadhan's joy.. it's a bless!

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