Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Dragon Fruit Farm..

Sunday, sending mom in the afternoon to KLIA.. and later drove to Bagan Lalang for a break.. stopped by one of a very clean Dragon Fruit Farm along the way to Bagan Lalang, and tasted a very nice and sweet Dragon Fruit, the best I've ever tasted so far.. It's so good that I kept asking for more and more fruits to be cut.. and wallap on the spot too.. Many sizes with many price range too.. I just got myself a small and cute fruits, but really tasty and sweet.. yummy!Visited their farm which really impressed me to see how tidy and clean their farms are.. they really took care of the farm.. and the nice uncle also gave us a brief intro of Dragon Fruit, the flowers, the care of the plant, and the fruit.. and also gave me a very nice Lotus tree from their drain... so nice la those family... really appreciate it... to those who wanted to buy good Dragon Fruit, you can try to get it from this uncle's farm.. really worth the buy..

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