Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Dining Table

Did anybody realize the power of dining table in the house? how much it changed the landscape of the house? and how much it brings to the bonus question -> ur getting married? hahahahahah! Typical...
I got myself a dining table for my house.. and it totally changed my house to a family house, more proper and more homey..At first I didn't realize about it, but after some time, it occur to me that my space doesn't look like a bachelor's house already..
And what surprised me was the bonus question i got.. whatever the theory of having the dining table and getting married, i can never understand.. Is that a sign for me to get married soon? I also don't know... hahahahah!

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emm emm said...

yes niko, ur place is getting more and more family oriented day by day :) now prepare , then comes the marriage bit, tak lama lepas tu dah start 'baby proofing' pulak hehehehe... been there done that! so good luck and all the best to you ok. take it slow but not too slow ya ?