Saturday, July 2, 2011


Kuching Bandar Pencen.. that's what some of my friends called the place.. so peaceful.. so relax.. no rush.. no hassle.. no problem..I've been in Kuching for about 2 weeks now and I find it it's not a city for me to stay for life.. more or less like Kuala Terengganu, this kind of city is a very good place to visit for holiday.. but not to stay.. May be I'm so used to KL life.. where everything is within reach.. where in Kuching, everything seems to stop at 8pm, few cars, less people on the road, so quiet!!
Anyway.. other than kerja here.. the daily activities were all full with makan2.. and shopping for kek lapis and ikan terubuk during the last day of the stay..
Nak baliikkkk!!

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