Friday, July 29, 2011


Gilerrrr... sold out tickets nak pi tgk bola ok..
It's Singapore-Malaysia game in Bukit Jalil that's just 5 minutes from my house,the game everybody is waiting for.. I had an opportunity too to join the big crowd, well 85,000 of them in the stadium.. Gila penuh stadium! Let me share some of the photos I snap2 during the game..
Outside the stadium..
The crowd at the entrance..
Time b4 and during the game.. Meriah kann.. sungguh meriahh!
Crowd berebut nak balikk.. but the players main macam taik.. all went wrong.. resulted Malaysia kalah at the end..Never mind la.. kalah pun they tried their best.. but I repect the Malaysian fans.. tabik spring sejuta kali.. you are the best!

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