Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've been so disturbed with the condition of my mak tok lately.. she's not in her stable condition since last week and this worries me to the max.. sometimes I'd rather be alone thinking of the possibilities that may come due to her weak condition.. I've been so close to her since my childhood.. a special nenek-cucu bonding that we have for so long.. I spent a lot of time in my childhood with her.. she even have my photo with her in her phone wallpaper.. it's hard to express my feelings right now.. sad, worried.. restless.. stress.. everything..The best thing for me to be alone for my stress reliever is a small place called Kuala Kurau.. a very small fisherman town by the river.. which I always spent my time alone.. so peaceful.. sungguh mendamaikan.. sitting alone thinking and soul searching here is what I always do when I'm not in the right state of mind.. It's always the beautiful scenery and peaceful cool place that cools me down.. still thinking of the possibilities, I do hope things will be ok soon.. Insyallah!

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