Saturday, May 21, 2011


A gathering to bid farewell to our fellow friend Farha who's leaving the company next week.. Many people will not be available next week so thi is the best day to celebrate her.. This is my first visit here and I didn't really put that much expectation on the food here.. but the perception turns completely as I arrived.. huge place with a very nice ambience.. Just pay RM30 for the buffet steamboat and eat all you can.. Quite a nice food combination and variety..nice place to lepak2.. and our group were the most happening group of the nite.. non stop jokes and laughs.. endless suupply of food.. and eat till we wanna puke.. what more can one ask? Patut la ramai org gemuk.. including me, filling in the place.. hahahhaahAnyway.. bon voyage and have nice leave to Farha.. get prepared for the wedding day and to best of luck on your future stay in KB.. have fun..

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