Friday, January 1, 2010


It's New Year, and I'm in the land far far away from KL.. trying to settle things of my own here.. Still in the mood of makan2.. my mom offered to cook Nasi Dagang for me, which I immediately agreed and bought a huge Black Tuna (called Ikan Aya Hitam in Ganu) for the gravy.. and the process of cooking Nasi Dagang begins..
The gravy with Fish..
First step..2nd step..Done.. yahooo!The rice..Done..
Served with the pickles.. Wallaaaa! So damn difficult to do it.. conclusion.. just go to the stall and buy it.. not worth the time to cook.. unless you wanna cook for big crowd.. but still.. marvelous food! yummy!! and not recommended for those on diet.. heheheh!

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